Jogjakarta International Hospital – JIH

JIH formerly called Jogjakarta International hospital now I think it’s called Jogjakarta Islamic hospital? Or something like this.

This is the most modern hospital in town, for real. They have great facilities, with a lab to test your blood or urine or well, you know, they test things coming out of your body. They have even a coffee shop.


In general you can find any type of doctor there and they have a very complete schedule (I will post the link below).

If you look for pediatrician they even have a playground in the pediatric area.

And good news, they have a 24 hours emergency room that works pretty fine in case of problems.

The bad news are that most of the doctors there (And everywhere) wont speak english. If you have an emergency just go and try your luck but if you have something that you really want to understand what it’s I advice you to go with a local friend for translation.

Doctor schedule or Jadwal Dokter in Bahasa Indonesia:

Just enter there and you will find what you need. Again, it’s in bahasa sorry!


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