Temtrem Hotel – Playground

Temtrem Hotel it’s a very fancy 5 stars hotel located very close to the heart of Jogjakarta (The Tugu). Easy access and good coffee to relax for a while.

They do have memberships for Gym and Swimming pool, but if you’re looking to have a cup of coffee with your partner while the kids play around, then look no more.

Temtrem has a excellent indoors playground for kids under 9 years old (Or a size similar to that)


Even though you are supposed to be registered in the hotel for them to allow you go to in, you can always explain that you will have a coffee while they play and that’s normally enough. Only one thing is not negotiable, bring socks! and no, they don’t provide.

Painting, ball pool, TV and many other games are among all you can find inside the playground. And if you’re not that sure your kid can stay out of sight while you relax then don’t worry either, the playground has a full glass wall that you can see straight from the coffee area.

The location:

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