Timezone – Plaza Ambarrukmo

Yes, we got it… You didn’t move to Indonesia to spend your afternoons in the mall, with so many activities on the open, what’s the point to stay in doors? Well the point is, Jogjakarta and Indonesia in general has 6 months raining season a year (normally and if we are lucky no more than that) so trust me when I’m telling you, it’s not uncommon to step outside your house on a rainy weekend just to step inside a mall minutes later.

If that’s your case, then Timezone in Plaza Ambarrukmo could be a great spot for you and your family.

It has the normal and usual games that we all love to play, shooting, cars, etc. However it also contains a small course for bumpers cars and a incredible big playground for the little ones (From 6 years to below, but 7 and 8 years I believe are still welcome).

The fees vary around 60k IDR to 70IDR depending the day, but dont bother on bringing socks, they give you ones also. And no, you can’t haggle a discount in exchange of not receiving the socks, they give them anyway.

The location: It’s located at the last floor (In the food court floor) right next to the Cinema, you can’t miss it.




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