Where to do my groceries.

Jogjakarta is not like Jakarta or Bandung, you may have issues to find a specific type of cheese or not to talk about pork deviated products, however you can find around the city quite a few markets options and each of them with different products.

You may not eat like at home, but trust me you will eat well!


Located all around Jogja you can easily find a Superindo, no point to point you the location, just look for the nearest one in Google maps and you will be probably not that far from one.

Superindo is quite good to find fresh vegetables (not as fresh as the pasar, but works if you dont want to wake up at 5am), fresh meat and general products for daily cooking.

Hero Malioboro:

Located in the heart of Malioboro Mall, Hero is a good opportunity to buy groceries if you are in the area, they have a bit of alcohol, specially Smirnof Ice type.

Nothing very fancy there and a bit more pricey than other chains, but again, if you’re in the area, sometimes they even have frozen ravioli.

Lotte Mart:

Located quite far from the city, Lotte Mart is a whole sale supermarket that also sells to public. You will normally find small queues and the place is usually empty of people but full of products. It’s not a good place to buy meat or veggies, but frozen goods and dry food it’s normally very cheap and in large quantities.


Located in a few malls around Jogja.

  • Hartono Mall (Basement).
  • Jogja City Mall (Basement).
  • Lippo Plaza (Also basement!)

Hypermat has a few interesting stuff, a bit of electronics, a bit of furniture (Quite bad quality actually) but most important they have frozen Bacon usually. Just search around the freezes they usually have a Mama’s brands around.


This brand needs no presentation however make sure your expectations are at the right level. In Carrefour you can find a few basic stuff, they sell also fresh fish and meat but honestly we don’t recommend it honestly.

What is good is their canned products and most important, they sell real tomato sauce bottles. That’s quite a treat in the city.

RnB Indoguna Shop:

RnB or Indoguna it’s a well known restaurant in the city, with tons of “expats” products to choose from, I’m sure you will feel like at home. They have tons of different cheese, ham, bacon and some interesting beef cuts. Honestly I dont buy meat there, but you could try and let us know.

They also have some good variety of dry goods, like pasta, cookies, etc that you will be probably missing in the city.

Mediterranea Shop:

Last but not least, if you like Ham, Sausages and some delicatessen goods such as different types of cheese, im sure you will love Mediterranea Shop. They’re actually a restaurant, a great one! but they also have the shop. You should give it a try.

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