Jogja Bay – Waterpark

There are a few waterparks in Jogja, however most of them are quite rusty and old, low maintenance and of course quite full of people.

However Jogja Bay, which is actually quite new, seems to be the best option if you want to spend your day in a water park.


One of the best points of this water park is that they have games for the entire family.

They have a great small water playground for small kids, with sprinkles an some sort of water springs that are perfect to run and bump your head against their rubber floor.

Sorry for the girls on the picture. I couldn’t find one without them.


But don’t worry they also have bigger slides for bigger kids and of course brave parents.

Yes, that’s an actual picture. Yes, in Jogja!

Since the place is quite new (Around 2 years old) the games are still pretty clean and their maintenance is noticeable. You wont have an issue.


It’s important to remark that they do check every bag before they allow you to enter the premises, so don’t try to smuggle food or water! They do allow you to enter with milk or baby products though but you may have to struggle a bit. Just keep insisting, you don’t sell Nestle Formula inside! and they will eventually understand.

With that said, inside you will find a few food stalls, they’re are pretty much all the same, chicken, rice or fries plus the never missing mie goreng or pop mie. Good news it’s that the place doesn’t smell to fried, so that’s another point.


Personally I found .a place that sells capuccino as well, machine quality, but well after a day with the family even a machine capuccino can save your life.

Again, don’t expect great food but good enough to spend the day, and the kids are always happy with fried chicken.


Their prices goes from 75k to 120k depending if it’s weekend or weekday, but they also have memberships programs that are actually quite cheaper if you plan to go more often.


If you like theater they have a nice performance with pirates and jumping monsters somewhere in the morning and in the afternoon, however even if the jumps needs no translation all the rest is happening in bahasa. Its boring for parents specially if you don’t know the language but trust me, some kids love it!


This is actually the exit, but if you stay for the show (Spoiler alert) some Pirates will jump from it.

Location: It’s actually easy to find it, it’s around Ringroad and very close to the Stadium, the place is open and they normally have just a few cars in the parking, which by the way, if you park there, there is a pirate bus/ship waiting for taking you to the entrance.


Overall the place is pretty clean and nice, they have good attractions and even if a bit pricey you wont find anything comparable in the city, so it’s worthy.

For more info or even booking in advance, here is the link:

Enjoy your day!


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