Hyatt Resort Yogyakarta


Hyatt Jogja is one of the nicest places to go with your family or why no? By yourself.

They have around 3 pools that are connected together, and huge slide and a smaller one which makes it great to go with kids if you have them (If you don’t have them, try not to go with them)


As any other resort they of course have a restaurant and a interesting Sunday brunch that’s around 150k per person, with one catch, if you join the brunch you can use also the pool.

If you don’t join the brunch on Sundays, then you can always make a membership to use the pool, the huge park they have and also their golf course, yes, because they have one.


If you go with kids beside the pool you have some fishing activities, a bit cruel in my opinion but kids are cruel and they love to do that (Mine at least) they have some small bikes, a playground (indoors, sadly) and if that’s not enough a very big green area that they can just run around.

In terms of food, I believe Hyatt is a great place to have small bites next to the pool, a club sandwich or some fries and naturally a beer, a fresh juice or a coffee. Later if you want to join the restaurant they also have a la carte or buffet but the quality has been worse and worse the last few years and honestly doesn’t look like a good value for the money.

Hyatt is located in the north of Jogja over Jl Palagan street.

Their website:

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