Bookstores around the city.

We all love reading, mainly our Facebook news feed of course, however there are rumors that some people in the city it’s still interested in actual physical books (Can you believe it?).

I personally buy my books for Ipad on Kindle Store because it’s easier and they accept Indonesian credit cards, however if you have kids (like me) then the actual book becomes way more important.

Here is a list of few places you can visit in the city where you can find english books (There is also Gramedia as a big bookstore in the city but they normally have nothing in english and if they do it’s a very rare case, so I’m not listing it here):

Books & Beyond:


Located in the top floor of Lippo Plaza, books & Beyond it’s a decent place to find kids books. They have a bit of everything, a few toys, a few disney books and if you’re lucky some Harry potter collection.

If you are looking grown up books, they will just have the last trending novels and tons of self-help books.





There are 2 in the city actually. One is inside the airport, so you can buy books right before the plane! (yay) and another it’s in the basement of Hero mall (In Malioboro). I particulary like more Periplus because they have tons of interesting books for children, not just the usual disney thingy but also some really nice authors, they have also a good collection of novels and books in general and if it’s not enough you can actually order there and they will bring it from Jakarta.




Happy reading!

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