NTC De Taaltuin – Dutch School

De Taaltuin is a little school in the south of Yogyakarta. This school provides Dutch language and cultural education to children aged two to eighteen years old with a Dutch or Belgium background, or a desire to learn the Dutch language. Two professional native Dutch teachers lead the classes. The curriculum and quality of our lesson materials are regularly checked and comply with the latest NOB standards.
Cultuurdag Natuur in de delta (149 van 199)

Toddlers in the playgroup come to school three times a week, and children aged four to eighteen come twice a week in the afternoon after their regular day school.
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The purpose of this education is a good preparation for a smooth inflow in Dutch or Belgian education. Whether that is in primary, secondary or vocational education. 

The tuition fee is approximately $60,- per month.


Besides the regular program for children, the school also provides courses to learn Dutch for adults and children.  Feel free to contact them for any other information or advice.
De Taaltuin website: detaaltuin.wordpress.com
E-mail address: taaltuin@yahoo.com

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