Clinic Amanah – Doctor Ade

We all love Dokter Ade, well, maybe not everybody but It’s were I personally bring my kids and many other expats do the same thing.

There are plenty of pediatricians in the city, however majority doesn’t speak a word of english, or perhaps they speak one, but not more than that. But language is not the only obstacle that you will find when visiting the doctor, there are tons of cases where they will just recommend you vitamins or even worse, they will diagnose your kids with things that he never had. But don’t panic, maybe that’s just my experience and the experience of a number of friends with kids here in the city.

Again, I personally recommend Dokter Ade but let’s face it, it’s hard to reach her. She works from 5 to 8 at her clinic which is just in front of Tugu, however that 5 becomes 6 30 pm quite often and it’s usually pretty crowded down there.

I would post pictures but honestly I dont have.

Semoga Cepat Sembuh.


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