Nana Mia Restaurant

If you like the idea of an italians restaurant in the city, then you will love to know that there actually two of them.

While I will comment the location a bit below, let me tell you. In general Nana Mia never disappoints, they have quite a few different Italian dishes, from very good pizza to different types of pasta or some interesting elaborated chicken dishes.


They don’t sell wine though but you can find pretty much any beer in town.

Regarding the prices you will find it quite affordable and very good value for your money.

And probably the most important detail, both of the restaurants have a kids corner with a few games for the smaller ones. I personally prefer to go the one in the south with my kids since they have a bigger garden, but again, with 6 months raining season in the city, you will find plenty of opportunities to go to the other restaurant as well.


Nana Mia Tirtodipuran (Actually it’s Prawirotawan but just changes the name):

Nana Mia Jl Affandi (Actually not exactly there but you will understand better this way)

Link to their website


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