Kulila playgroup and daycare

Kulila is a Waldorf-inspired playgroup located in Kasongan in the south of Yogyakarta, where the Steiner philosophy of free-play is perceived as fundamental in the learning processes. Kids creativity is also highly supported through various activities such as painting, or crafts from natural elements (leaves, wood, stones).  Children spend hours everyday  in the garden, gardening, collecting materials for crafts, or playing. Children are also involved in daily collective activities such as cooking lunch or taking care of the living room and the garden.


Kulila is secular, does not provides any religious teachings and teachers comes from various religious backgrounds. The main language is bahasa indonesia, but most of the children speak at least another language at home with their parents. Teachers and childrens’ background diversity is perceived as a real richness, and mutual understanding is encouraged.


Kulila playgroup will suit any parent that is wanting to send their child to an environment friendly playgroup, where kids are in everyday connection with nature ad a focus is on play based learning and supporting natural creativity.  The small size of the playgroup, and the low number of kids per adult ratio (maximum 4 children per teacher), make Kulila a homey place for children who join the playgroup for the first time.

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Kulila welcomes children from 8.30am until 1pm. A healthy snack and lunch is provided, and are included in the monthly fee.

Kulila also offers afternoon daycare from 1pm to 4pm open to any kids up until ten years of age. Daily drop in daycare is also possible with prior notice.

Kulila playgroup (morning) welcomes any kids from 3 years old, but may welcome younger kids (baby class) according to the level of autonomy of the child.  For further information, please contact Okta : 0815 1359 6303 (Whatsapp number)

Fees 2017/2018 :

Registration fee : 5000.000

Annual fee : 2000.000 (NO registration and annual fee for daycare only)

Monthly fee:

* for playgroup (monday – friday 8:30am – 1pm) : 750.000

* for playgroup & day care 3days at 8:30 – 4pm : 900.000

* for playgroup & day care 5days : 1000.000

* for day care only 3 days 1pm – 4pm : 300.000

* for day care ony  5 days 1pm-4pm : 450.000

Contact : Okta : 0815 1359 6303 (Whatsapp number)

Website : www.kulilajogja.wordpress.com

Facebook : Kulila Jogja




  1. Very nice concept! Its location is only less than 1 kilometer away from my house and every morning I always run past the school but too bad i never knew that they’re still operating or not?

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