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Hello There!

Is not easy to make a page like this one, we’re actually the first one in Jogjakarta and that’s because it’s simply too hard to centralize all what’s happening and it’s possible to do in the city. Luckily we are not alone on this crusade, we count on you.

We’re sure there is info missing. Let us know what it’s.

Did we do something wrong? Did we say something inaccurate about your place? No problem, prove us wrong and we will happily change it, we aim to not copy and paste from other places and write real content and opinions, and we are sure that this may clash sometimes with people opinions.

Did you find the site useful and you want to help us grow? Let us know who you’re and how you consider you can help.

Events? Did you say events? We will list it on the site right away, let us know what and where. Just remind that this is an expat guide so we are looking for expat friendly stuff to do (And no, they dont have to be fully in english but still remain interesting to the foreign community).