Living in Jogjakarta is not hard, not at all! However there are tons of questions you will probably need to answer in the first months (Or even after a few years).

Here is our aim to reply them all, but if we are missing any, please post it on the comments and we will gladly add it.

Where I can find a western style house?

We aimed to reply this questions on the post “Finding the right house”  but if it’s still not enough. Please let us know in the comments or just contact us.

What schools are recommended for Kids?

This it’s widely discussed in our post “Schools” inside Parent’s corner. Start from having a look there and if no school is good for you, let us know your expectations. We may be able to point you in another direction.

What’s the best internet provider?

Jogjakarta is changing a lot and it’s infrastructure is not the exception, month after month internet gets better and better even though, let’s face it, the quality is still under western expectations. Comparing price quality, we believe so far Indihome from Telkom it’s by far the best option. They have packages up to 100mbs for houses however if you don’t need to do some heavy internet work you may want to go for their 10-20mbs option that it’s around 600k to 800k IDR including phone landline and TV.

One important comment though, they seem to be overwhelmed with installations so get ready to wait at least a month for them to come home and connect.

What phone carrier should I pick?

Mobiles phones works differently depending the area, specially 4G is not yet widely available in Indonesia. If you often travel your options are around XL and Telkom, however if you stay always in Jogja Telkom and Smartfren are usually the best option.

How is it with alcohol in the city?

Don’t worry, is not as bad as you may think. Jogjakarta is majority muslim but there is no dry law (At least yet ) Beer is very easy to find in mostly all restaurants in the south however many Koreans and Chinese restos also in the north and center of the city will provide.

If you are looking for something else, like Vodka or Spirit you will have to find your way around hotels, they normally provide for take away but their prices are not exactly cheap.

Are the owners of this page rich and famous?

Not yet, but you can help us get there. This is a self funding page and we will need support and donations to keep up.

If you have money? Feel free to donate, hosting a page is not that expensive so any donation helps.

if you dont have money, donate your time or your feedback and that’s as good as money. (Just kidding, money is better, but feedback helps).

How hard is to find jobs for expats?

Actually is pretty hard, most of the expats here, either have their own business or they come with a contract from abroad. The jobs you can find in the city are normally under pay for Western standards and the company will most likely be unable to provide you a proper working visa. Which, by the way we don’t advice you to work without one, it’s common to have raids once or twice a year looking for expats working without permit and they usually get deported pretty fast.

If your idea is to open your own business feel free to let us know what’s about and we may be able to point you the right person to ask, yes, we know people that knows people.

Can I drive in the city?

Well, can you? If you have a license from your country according to the Indonesian law you can drive without a nasional license for at least 90 days, after you should get a proper SIM (Sim it’s a Indonesian driving license), whoever getting one is somehow complex because you will need to actually do the test in Bahasa Indonesia and if you’re not proficient it gets a bit tricky.

Anyway, it says that many expats still drive in the city without any sort of license, usually police will not bother you however you may get into serious problems if you have an accident.

Stay safe.

What’s the cheapest and easiest way to get around the city?

You can rent a motorbike for around 600 to 700 IDR a month. Don’t pay more than that for a normal bike.

Cars are around 300k a day but you can also get them with a driver.

Other than that you may use Grab or Gojek apps, available for Iphone and Android. Both are very useful and they work all around the city, normally without any inconvenient.